Amaze Your Guests by Serving Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

Colorful Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

There are many kinds of cakes that you can opt from. As a matter of fact, you can find it very hard to choose a cake that you will serve to your guests because to the many delicious and elegant cakes that you can find. If you want to try something special for your wedding, you can have wedding king cakes in Houston, TX. Your guests will definitely love to try something rather than the traditional wedding cake.

cakeOriginally, the king cake was created in order to put off the pagan Greek custom of choosing a young male villager to reign as king for just a year and used him as a human sacrifice when the year ends. An oval shaped cake was baked with a small bean concealed inside. The fortunate person who will receive the cake will be crowned as the king for a week and is also allowed to choose a queen to reign with him.

The king cake is usually made from a yeast coffeecake with different fillings. It can be rolled up or braided and formed into a ring shape. The cakes are then decorated with a thin white icing and sugar is sprinkled in colors of gold, green and purple all over the cake. The colors are the traditional Mardi gras colors with gold for power, purple for justice and green for faith. However you can always opt for colors that will match your wedding theme and wedding dress.

There are many kinds of wedding king cakes in Houston, TX that you can choose from. You can ask your local baker about the style and decoration of king cake that he can create. King cakes are easy to make. You can also customize the cake by placing toppers on it. Some of the choices that you can choose from include pecan praline king cake, ZULU king cake, Filled king cake and the traditional king cake.

You can impress your guests by serving them a one of a kind cake. Look for wedding king cakes in Houston, TX online. You can find a lot of choices that will definitely wow your guests, you can have the king cake order online.