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Life is colorful in the world of baking. They say that baking is an art of self expression. Yes, that is true. It could channel your energy into something innovative and of course a tasty experience. Baking different types of cake could ease your stress away. Whether you wanted to escape from the daily bustles of life or just doing it for passion, baking a bride and groom cakes is the best medium that you could try.

When you start baking different variety of delicious cakes, you will need a guide that will walk you through the ingredients and the process itself. Houston’s largest online cakes making blog could be your best reference if you want fresh updates of ingredients and types of specialty cakes Houston.

The best secret that you should learn is to be never afraid of experimenting. Some people fail in learning baking cakes effectively because they do not have self confidence; they are afraid to take another step. Before you go to the higher level, you should start with the baking basics. Baking is like going into a battle so make sure you have weapons of information before you hit the batter. Read baking books or watch video tutorials online to have an idea of what you’re about to do. Before you could bake those very intricate velvet cakes in your oven, start with basic cake types first.

different kinds of cakesChiffon cakes are good for the learning and experimentation stage. Since this is your first time, this is the perfect practice for you. This type of cake is really spongy; it is also easy to bake because you no longer need to beat egg whites. Try it and taste the moistened sweet slice of your first chiffon cake.

Sponge cakes are also very simple light cakes that do not require baking powder and soda. You can only include butter if you like but if you are fat conscious, skip the butter or only put small amount. A sponge cake is preferred Houston wedding cake, as it is light and fluffy.

Cupcakes are also good for baking sessions. Just in case you have multiple errors along the process, you won’t bother that much because the ingredients are only prepared in small amount. It will cost you less. Once you have perfected the cupcake baking, you can experiment on other flavors and make a 7-tier-cupcake-cake.

Angel food cakes are also perfect during the early stage of baking. In the process, you will only need egg whites. You can spare the yolks for your breakfast omelet instead. The egg whites are whipped together with sugar until it will become firm. After that, you can gently fold it and you will get your sugary white delicious cake. They are basically baked inside the tube pans. Try it and you will surely enjoy.

If you do not want to throw the egg yolks away, you can make use of all the eggs in your genoise. This type of cake is much tastier and fuller than angel cakes because of the whole eggs. The eggs are whipped with sugar and then heated. Genoise is perfect for rolled cakes and in order to build layers of them, you need to moisten its surface using syrup.

If you run out of baking ideas, always check Houston’s largest online cakes making blog for more updates about flavors in baking. Make baking as your hobby and who knows you will become a top most sought baker in the future.